Lorem Gutenberg

"Well, well, what have I said to make you shake out the red flag. Ain't there going to be any daughters--only boys, eh. Good gracious, look at her blushing again all over her blushes. What--can't I say that either. Mercy me--when my children beg me to have all those gods and goddesses painted out overhead I always say I'm too thankful to have somebody about me that NOTHING can shock!" Archer burst into a laugh, and May echoed it, crimson to the eyes. "Well, now tell me all about the party, please, my dears, for I shall never get a straight word about it out of that silly Medora," the ancestress continued; and, as May exclaimed: "Cousin Medora. But I thought she was going back to Portsmouth?" she answered placidly: "So she is--but she's got to come here first to pick up Ellen.

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